Nervous, but full of courage, I flew up to Dawson Creek (which is in the northern part of the province) to begin my campaign for Peace River South. I needed to collect 50 signatures in order to be on the voting ballot. Within a day I had gotten my signatures and filed my paperwork with elections BC to represent the BCMP in the riding of Peace River South. I celebrated that evening with my supporters at The Alaska Café and Pub, handing out copies of Cannabis Culture and BCMP literature. I was so proud of myself for walking into the majority of the business’s in my riding and campaigning such an important issue, even if a few couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of a political party being about MARIJUANA. 

Northern BC differs from southern, but most agree that cannabis should be legal. I flew back to home base and started living in Marc’s guest bedroom during the election. We exhausted ourselves daily during the campaign. Matthew was of constant support and strength to Marc and I, his political know how led us to the 4% we did get in the final results of the election. 

Of course, we did this with all of the 79 courageous candidates that fearlessly handed out pamphlets and buttons to get the awareness and attention Marijuana needs to end prohibition. This will be an experience that I cherish for the rest of my life, quite an accomplishment for me as a young woman with Crohn’s disease. Only 11 out of 79 candidates were women. 

I flew back up to my riding of Peace River South and participated in debates that made not only my hands sweat but my armpits as well! Speaking in front of hundreds in the community, along side my 5 male opponents, all with differing views and lifestyles, gave me a stage to prove my existence and theories about marijuana to a group eager to learn. 

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