A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and each day Michelle’s feet hit the ground running with the conviction of a true leader. Leading by example is her modus operandi and she sets the bar high, intimidating some, but inspiring many. With a can-do approach and hands-on talents, she has become synonymous with Medicinal Marijuana in Canada and the world. 

Wanted by the U.S. DEA on trumped-up charges of manufacturing marijuana, conspiracy, seed sales and money laundering, Michelle has become a medicinal patient’s advocate, Director of Marketing and Sales for a leading alternative medicine journal, Treating Yourself Magazine and Financial Agent for the B.C. Marijuana Party while fighting extradition – all at the same time. Talk about juggling your life and your career and as if all this wasn’t enough for the average person to deal with, Michelle was diagnosed with Cancer last year. The big C! Most people, including many famous people, will shrink back into their world and disappear from sight when confronted with the thing we all know killed “The Duke” John Wayne. Some will talk about it after their Cancer has gone into remission, Michelle responded by making videos, telling everyone about her situation and helping many with valuable information, even though she lost her oldest brother to Cancer just the year before, she never relented or lost hope. 

Vitamins and at least 5 days of hard cardio workout at our local gym lead to alliances with the gym staff as well as the owners who actually happen to be world bodybuilding champions. Positive mental attitude absolutely spilled-over to everyone she met during her daily travels, including the proprietor of the vitamin store who was impressed with Michelle’s knowledge of the correct cancer-fighting preparations. Her upbringing in the Health Food industry and her life long fight with Crohn’s disease has prepared her well for the fight of her life and she faced invasive surgeries to get the bad stuff out. After three tough back-to-back operations Michelle’s prognosis is now looking great. She will still be a Cancer patient for life with mandatory check ups but for the most-part, this chapter has ended on a nice note, thanks to everybody who helped, a good health care system and some very talented doctors, and a lot of praying.

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