Not much more to say except I am probably biased in this assessment of my wonderful wife Michelle and her plight. When we met we both immediately knew that we were meant to be together. We were married the last day of the last Tokers- Bowl in 2005. In front of over 200 surprised, red-eyed guests, friends and about a dozen video cameras we tied the knot – A Canadian married An American – on the Fourth of July at a huge pot party! There wasn’t a dry eye in the hall when the band played an incredibly accurate rendition of “One” by U2. That night we danced in peace and harmony but the fun was over just three short weeks later, July 29th when the Vancouver PD in conjunction with the US DEA shut -er down. They raided the BCMP and put an end to Marc Emery Seeds but life goes on for the other thousand seed merchants and so does the life of medicinal cannabis. They targeted the only company that was pouring all their profits into legalization and marijuana law reform. Inform yourself then inform your doctor, lawyer, teacher or probation officer, pot cures cancer, and a whole list of other things, if used responsibly by responsible adults, pot can be just as beneficial as the best vitamins and nutrients. To dispel one myth; I’ve smoked tons of good marijuana and never once got “wasted.” Michelle uses pot daily to control her symptoms and she’s not a “dope.” We are the future and we need your help, take that first step and see where your journey takes you. 

Peace and Buds,
Jef Tek
Feb 2009

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