When I arrived home that evening I was overwhelmed with excitement and inspiration. Bruce had just gotten home as well , I started literally jumping up and down ranting and raving that I had met Marc Emery , waving the signed magazine as if it were my patriotic country flag, I had the phone in another hand calling my mommy trying to tell both husband and mother at the same time that  “THIS MAN IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE SOMEDAY AND I AM GOING TO CHANGE HIS”. Both Emilie and Bruce will verify this prediction I had made that September evening in 1998. I just knew, from the moment he walked into the bank and we connected that this was sign I was looking for to ‘come out of the closet’. 

With every rebel there is also danger remember, so I hid the magazine and the address under my bed in case anybody might find it besides my mother and Bruce. We all know how marijuana prohibition creates paranoia, wouldn’t want my mortgage to be taken away due to anti-prohibitionist magazine that is educating the world. So I hid ‘in the closet’ with my very limited amount of cannabis (medicine), due to my cowardice and the expense. Until June 2000. 

The Beginning of the Bottom

They say there’s no place to start from like  the top but if you are a realist you know starting from the bottom, which I feel is the beginning, is the only way to truly accomplish anything in life. Disgruntled job wise, unsatisfied with myself and Crohn’s disease, purposely childless after 5 years of marriage, knowing in my soul  I was meant to help in this world, I began focusing in my soul of what I could do.  That purpose in my eyes was to show the world that you can be a responsible hard working  disease ridden person and survive using Cannabis. That this wasn’t the ‘evil’ drug that the world had been falsely told for the the past 75 years.  

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