I was privileged to get my Marijuana education while working for the best activist in the world. Absorbing every bit of knowledge I could get from The Prince, Dana Larsen and Richard Cowan who were staying with Marc at the time. 

Chris Bennett became manager of POT-TV after my push when a necessary replacement was needed. When I was doing Marc’s laundry in the basement I would pick apart and question Chris’s cannabis knowledge, his brilliance along with a list of others gave me an education that I can only pay back with dedication to legalization.  

The BC Marijuana Party

When Marc decided to run the BCMP  in 2001’s provincial election I thought this was absolutely fantastic. A weekend brainstorming conference led to moving back to the very spot he had left to establish The BCMP Bookstore and BCMP. I held the position of Deputy Financial Agent and Executive Assistant to the Party President. 

We hired Matthew Johnson to be our campaign manager who came with a credible list of credentials and a scandalous past. The team was perfect and the race was on to get 79 candidates in 79 ridings by a tight deadline. Recruiting for the BCMP of course was a difficult task. Convincing anybody not to worry about the consequences of coming out of the closet and agreeing to marijuana legalization wasn’t easy. We searched every riding until we found someone if we didn’t we sent anyone that was in our world to run in that riding, including myself. It was imperative to get 79. This would prove a point to Canada and the rest of the world that a first time political party could run a full slate and be the BCMP. Our platform was based on libertarian philosophy and one’s own rights. 

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